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March 29, 2010: Walla Walla Wine Weekend 2010
Took a weekend trip to Walla Walla to taste some wine.


March 13, 2010: Mommy & Me: UK Tour 2010
Mom and I had a two-week holiday in the UK.


February 8, 2010: Partners in Phun
Haden and I enjoyed a weekend of fun and running.


January 25, 2010: Fannying Around With Scrabble and Haggis
“Freeze Your Fanny, Scrabble Showdown, and Burns’ Supper Extravaganza.”


December 10, 2009: Giving Thanks in the UK
My first holiday as a solo vacationer.


April 26, 2009: Paul’s Obituary
In Memoriam: Paul James Ryan


March 8, 2009: England 2009
We took a quick trip to England for the Ryan Family Reunion.


March 6, 2009: A New Addition to the Family
We brought home a new cat, Schrodie, from the shelter.


December 26, 2008: A Christmas Story
Our first Christmas in our new home. And lots of snow.


December 2008: A Christmas Update


November 29, 2008: A Thankful Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving 2008: A house full of fun!


November 2, 2008: Treats, But No Tricks
Halloween 2008: Daleks, and Sponge Bobs, and Pumpkins - Oh My!


August 6, 2008: Ah, vacation!
Vacation 2008: A relaxing two weeks of fun and rest.


July 25, 2008: Three Weeks of Childhood
Three weeks of children visiting us and we lived to tell the story.


June 30, 2008: A Trip to Ocean Shores
We traveled to Ocean Shores for a seaside wedding.


June 5, 2008: 51.2 Miles
Solo-miles, can you believe it?


May 25, 2008: Ryan Road Race Record


May 20, 2008: Home on the Palouse
Read all about our lovely new home.


May 5, 2008: Changing Colors
Our second Bloomsday run saw improvements all around.


April 10, 2008: We Want a Shrubbery!
A relaxing weekend away ... planting 13 trees!


April 2, 2008: Did We Fool You?
No, we are not really traveling the world in a hot air balloon!


April 1, 2008: Up, Up, and Away!
Our newest adventure: a trip around the world in a hot air balloon!


February 17, 2008: Frozen Fannies
With the bitter cold of the winter upon us, running outside seems to be an extreme sport!


January 20, 2008: Walla Walla Wine Weekend
Who knew stocking a wine cellar could be so much fun?


January 1, 2008: Happy New Year!
Looking forward to a new year!


December 11, 2007: A BIG "Welcome to the World" to Frances' Godson


December 2007: A Christmas Update


October 25, 2007: Jack O'Lantern
Our first pumpkin


October 8, 2007: A Hopin' Good Time
A weekend to Yakima for the 5th Annual Fresh Hops Festival.


September 30, 2007: Bikin' the Palouse and Beyond
We got groovy new bikes for Christmas, and we're having a blast!


May 26, 2007: Three States, Two Tanks, One Day
Our day-trip to Wallace, Idaho, that took us to Montana.


May 7, 2007: A Blooming Good Time
Our first ever Bloomsday Race.


April 28, 2007: Sixty Candles
Celebrating Mom's 60th birthday.


December 2006: A Christmas Update

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