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Up, Up, and Away!
April 1, 2008

Ever the adventurers, we are currently packing for our latest-and-greatest trip: a trip around the world in a hot air balloon! After doing a fair amount of research, we're ready to fly away, up into the atmosphere. While we won't be record breakers like Betrand Piccard and Brian Jones, who became the first balloonists to circumnavigate the globe with a non-stop, non-refueled flight, or like Steve Fossett, who was the first balloonist to travel round the world on a solo flight, we will certainly be the first people we know to have attempted such a feat.

Our trip will be a patch-work trip. We have signed up with several regional balloon operators where we will work as part of the crew to take us from one area to the next, and will have to use surface transportation on occasion between ballooning stations. At one point, we will also have to take an airplane to cross the Atlantic Ocean, but will still be completing more than 80 percent of the entire journey in a hot air balloon.

With Wireless connectivity along the majority of the route, both of us will be able to continue working throughout the journey – which means that the bills will be paid and we won't return home to an eviction notice; a hold on our mail means we won't have to deal with a pile of un-opened bits of junk mail, too!

We expect to have completed our journey by June 14, and will be updating our Web site regularly with photos and stories from our great adventure.

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