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A Hoppin' Good Time
October 8, 2007


When you live in an agriculturally-rich region, you start to learn just how important that region is to important elements of your diet. Washington State is a vital part of the nation’s food and beverage network. For example, did you know that 80 percent of the nation’s hops are grown in the Yakima Valley? With that knowledge firmly etched in our minds, we thought it was only appropriate that we visit the region for the 5th Annual Fresh Hops Festival. And what a great excuse for a weekend away from home …

On our way into town, we made a quick stop at the Teapot Gas Station in Zillah (because you have to stop at road-side historical markers – it just makes life more interesting!) We also managed a quick stop at Miners, because any time you make the pilgrimage to Yakima, you have to get a Big Miner with cheese. Plus, you should never drink on an empty stomach.

Finally, we made it to the festival and with our beer glasses in hand, started to review the choices available. It was then that we knew having a hotel room just four blocks away was a good plan! We sampled a variety of brews throughout the evening and managed to find a couple of new breweries to add to our “good beer” list. After a couple of hours relaxing and listening to the live entertainment, enjoying the fresh ales from around the Pacific Northwest, it was time to make our way back to the hotel.

The next morning, we headed back to the festival grounds for the farmers’ market where we picked up a supply of Yakima’s best produce before heading home. It was certainly a good weekend – one that we’ll look forward to repeating in a year’s time – once we recover from this time out!

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