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Sixty Candles
April 28, 2007


What a great day we've had! Who'd have thought that turning 60 could be so much fun? It was Frances' Mom's big day – and she really enjoyed herself.

What started out as a simple plan to have Mom and her six daughters go out for a nice lunch soon turned into a full-on family day out. We all met at the Birthday Girl’s choice of the Crab Pot on the Seattle Waterfront for some good grub that we got to eat with our hands. Yummy!

With the kids at one table, and the adults-acting-like-kids at another, we were certainly a noisy group – but then it was the Cook family, what did you expect? Mom was decked out in her crown, and carried her scepter with pride (beating unruly daughters over the head with it as necessary). Her loyal subjects proudly wore their junior crowns for the day's festivities.  

After a seafood feast, we enjoyed some Red Velvet cake before heading to the arcade further down the pier. As the kids ran and laughed, Mom sat back enjoying the scene. Presumably pleased to know that as the Grandma, kids on a sugar-high were not her responsibility … that must have been the greatest gift of all!

Happy birthday, Mom!


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