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A Christmas Story
December 26, 2008

The Christmas season started in the Ryan house on December 6 when we went to pick out a Christmas tree at the North Butte tree farm just down the road from our home. It was our first year picking out a live tree, and we were excited to have a fresh-cut tree in the living room. After selecting our tree we went to the town’s annual Christmas Lights Parade followed by a welcome gathering for all newcomers to the community.

The following day, our tree was delivered and we spent some time getting it “just right” before decorating it and the rest of the house. We’ll admit that the tree was still a bit crooked and slightly lopsided depending on what side you were looking at, but that’s nature for you!   It wasn’t long after the house was decorated that the snow decided to fall and we realized that we really do live in a picture-perfect Christmas card.
With the heavy snows and drifts, the drive into work was a bit slow, but certainly manageable. However, we did have to cancel out pre-Christmas visit to Frances’ family because of the weather.

On Christmas Eve, we attempted to attend Midnight Mass in the next town down the road. We knew the snow was falling, but as the highway leaving town was still open we figured it wouldn’t be too bad. We were wrong! As we continued the 11-mile journey, the roads began to get increasingly worse and were covered with snow drifts making the drive quite harrowing. Because the snow continued to fall we feared it would be impossible to make the return journey after Mass and made the decision to just turn around and head home. It was then that we realized the road was closed – it just wasn’t signed on our end of the highway! It was a slow and stressful drive home as the roads had worsened in the short time we were out. Thankfully, we made it home safely and were not one of “those couples on the news” for Christmas Day. In hindsight, the Priest, who had two earlier Masses to deliver in two other small towns in the region, probably didn’t make it to the church either.

By Christmas morning the snow had stopped falling and the shovels came out, but not before a nice breakfast of Buck’s Fizz and Grandma’s Sweet Rolls. Santa gave us a new Bose for Christmas, though his UPS helper-elves were unable to deliver it in time because of the weather. After opening our presents, we had a nice walk around town before sharing the task of making Christmas lunch. It was a lovely and relaxing day of great food and wonderful company.

Our first Christmas in our new home was everything we hoped it would be, and we are looking forward to many more Christmases to come.  

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