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Frozen Fannies
February 17, 2008


We've been busy little runners over the last few weeks, and have twice now taken part in 5k races where the weather has been less-than-friendly. Yes, we've been busy freezing our fannies.  

In January, we took part in the 2008 "Freeze Your Fanny 5k" in Lewiston, Idaho, sponsored by the Lewis and Clark State College Cross Country Team. When they said freeze, they were not joking! While we don't know just how cold it was on race day, we do know that in the days following, the entire Pacific Northwest got caught out by winter storms, stranding Frances on the "wrong side" of the mountain passes, while Paul got to walk to work in the heavy snow – until they decided to close the university because of the stuff.  

A couple of weeks later, we ventured out to Spokane (two days after the road finally re-opened from the previous snow storms) for the Bloomsday Road Runners Club's "Partners in Pain 5k." While the main roads were finally clear of snow, the roads for the run certainly were not! Much of the course was covered with compacted sleet, slush, snow, and ice – making for some pretty icky conditions, and some very wet shoes!  

With the weather warming, at least we know that upcoming races will not result in frost bite. In fact, it won't be long until we are dreading the heat and wishing we were back running in cold!

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