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A New Addition to the Family
March 6, 2009


After much anticipation, we’ve finally expanded our family through a successful adoption. We brought home an eight-month-old little girl on Friday, March 6, and she quickly won our hearts.

“Schrodie” is a grey-striped tabby cat with white paws and a malformed tail. She is small and sleek, and likes to hide in the space behind the dryer and anywhere else that is difficult for us to reach.

She’s a bit shy and timid and generally likes to hide from us, but every now-and-then she’ll placate us by playing with a bit of string. Her vocal range is very interesting with sounds of birds, dogs, and babies wailing, but seldom a noise that just sounds like a cat.

We are happy to have found a cat to own us, and will work hard to be her faithful servants.




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