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More about Frances ...

I was born in a hospital (not in a barn, as sometimes questioned by my mom, who should really know!) on February 21, 1974. The third of six daughters, I am “lucky number three” because we all know that the third time’s a charm.

I grew up in Small-Town, USA, in the Central Washington Cascades. I remember desperately wanting to get out of town, and live anywhere but there. And one day, I did. In September 2001, I made the move “across the pond” to Edinburgh, Scotland, to study at Napier University. The experience was definitely life-changing. Because of my travels, I gained a new-found respect and appreciation for my home town, and a new-found level of self confidence and joy that I never before knew could exist. Oh, and I met my husband there, too. Talk about life-changing! I am now happily settled in the Palouse Region of Eastern Washington.

My dream lifestyle is a combination of the following television characters: Donna Reed, Barbara Good, Murphy Browne, and Mackenzie Allen. This way, I would always look impeccable with ease; live a carbon-neutral, and self-sustaining “green” lifestyle; be bold and brazen, working hard for success and not allowing anyone to diminish my accomplishments; and be the leader of the [free] world.

I am an aspiring artist of the written word; with hopes to (one day) publish a book or two. [Note to self: dust off the typewriter and get busy!] I enjoy a variety of hobbies from graphic design and knitting; baking and sewing; gardening and home remodel/DIY work; and running and bike riding.

My ultimate goal in life is to one day rule the world. This desire started rather innocently when I was a young child, as a desire to start my own state. I can vividly recall the start of my dream: while taking a cross-country road trip with my family, I noticed that there was a gap between the “Now Leaving [blank] State” and “Welcome to [blank] State” signs. I asked my father who owned that bit of the country, and if no one did, can anyone claim it for their own. His reply was, essentially, I don’t know, but I suppose someone could make a claim to the land. Which was, likely, a way to cease the line of questions for which curious young children are often known. With Dad’s answer, I began to think about the state I would start, and the logistics of visiting people in your state if it was essentially a winding network of land, maybe 3-20 feet wide, around the nation. As I grew up, I began to think of ways to trade that winding network off so that eventually I’d have a larger, more well-connected land mass to call “the State of Frances.” Eventually, that led to dreams of my own island, which led to dreams of my own country, then continent … well, you get the picture.

Want to know more about me? I intend to add random thoughts to my pages from time to time, so check back and see what I’m thinking … or check out my closet to see what kinds of junk I'm storing on the World Wide Web!

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